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Nuuvem is one of the biggest digital games store for PC, MAC and LINUX in Latin America offering a complete platform that helps gamers shop for their favorite Steam games online. With Nuuvem, you can discover, buy and manage all your games in the cloud! Nuuvem is also now available in the US!

Nuuvem aims to promote a platform which is the gateway and entrance for any new, local game developers. Through Nuuvem, developers of all sizes, from anywhere in the world, can show and sell their creations to absolutely all our users.

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Their mission is the following: "Enable each and every fan of games in the world to have access to games at a fair price, with content localized in their native language."

Nuuvem - официальный магазин, который вы можете идентифицировать по этому значку official store. Вы получите CD-ключи в виде текста или изображения по электронной почте или по почте для розничных товаров и ПО.

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Probare comprar se ve fresco
Я постараюсь купить его свежим.
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