Kinguin october campaign COM + BG

Каталог игр - Виртуальная реальность

Whether you are a PC or console player, you'll be amazed at the new experience of being able to immerse yourself body and soul in the videogames of your dreams. We grew up waiting to be able to physically be inside a video game and enjoy their universe of colors and sounds firsthand. With Virtual Reality games, this becomes possible thanks to the latest hardware technologies on the market. Do you want to play Half Life: Alyx with an HTC Vive or Oculus Quest 2? Or perhaps you own a Playstation VR Headset and an Aim Controller and want to participate in Farpoint battles? Whatever your preference, we have the right game for you! It's the new era of gaming, and you can be a part of it at any time by detaching yourself from reality more than ever possible in modern times.

Reward Event Restore your honor in Like a Dragon: Ishin! - 57
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